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Course Details
Course Summary

8 week Post Production is an intensive and practical course which allows you to study and practise postproduction as a creative and technical craft, learning the core skills and technology needed for today’s ever-changing screen industries.

You will build an enhanced understanding of postproduction processes and best practice based on the project, genre and the objectives of the filmmakers. You will also learn ways to pursue editing opportunities in the screen industries and push your editing ability even further.

Course Highlights
  • Learn how to operate Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the most popular editing software in the industry, and build transferable technical skills that you can apply to other packages
  • Receive an in-depth creative editing training which will allow you to make the best editing decisions for the material you are working with
  • Learn about the latest trends and techniques in the industry through interactive discussions and workshops
  • Build robust technical skills to be able to deliver work in a timely and professional manner
  • Meet high-profile working industry professionals who tutor on the course
  • Learn from a working postproduction specialist. All our tutors and industry professional
Entry Requirements

The Certificate in Film editing course is for students aged 18+. We require a whole-hearted commitment to the 12 week course as it is highly intensive and requires passion and dedication. It is a chance to experience real filmmaking with industry leading tutors and facilities, and we welcome applications for this course from anybody ready to get their hands dirty and begin their adventure in cinema

Fees & Duration

Tuition -  $1,200  Registration Fee - $50

Duration: 12 weeks Start date: 20 January 2020


  • 20 JANUARY 2020 — 13 APRIL 2020
  • 4 MAY 2020 — 27 JULY 2020
  • 3 AUGUST 2020 — 26 OCTOBER 2020
  • 20 JANUARY 2021 — 13 APRIL 2021
  • 4 MAY 2021 — 27 JULY 2021
  • 3 AUGUST 2021 — 26 OCTOBER 2021
  • 20 JANUARY 2022 — 13 APRIL 2022