Music Production

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Course Summary

The Music Production is a highly practical course intended for those looking to begin a career as a professional music producer.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we’ll guide you through a fun and exciting personalised journey where you’ll explore the world of music production across live, studio and digital music making settings. Alongside developing your musical creativity and technical know-how, the ISCOM Media School (IMS) Music Production will give you the interpersonal, business and entrepreneurial skills needed to broaden your musical horizons and progress your career as a music producer. You’ll have regular opportunities to collaborate with both fellow music production students and vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers and songwriters also studying at IMS. You’ll instantly be a part of IMS’s dynamic learning community, where you can build your personal and professional network, working in real-world settings and linking with the music industry.

ISCOM Media School’s incredible facilities can be booked outside of class hours for personal use, free of charge, seven days a week, meaning you’ll have instant access to the very best kit to progress your creativity and talent as a music producer, including writing rooms and studios, instruments, synths, drum machines, controllers, loop stations, vocal processors and effects pedals, microphones and more.

At the end of your time with us, you’ll have gained a solid understanding of the practical elements of music production and recording, as well as a firm idea of the way the music industry operates, and a sense of music’s place throughout history and in the wider world. You’ll also possess good networking skills, a great list of contacts and the necessary drive to get started in the music industry.

Course Highlights

During this exciting 8 week, part-time course you will acquire all the basic skills necessary to begin producing tracks in your preferred musical style including the following areas:

  • Signal flow, connections and soundcard integration
  • Introduction to music production software
  • Audio editing and sampling
  • Song analysis
  • Synthesis and sound manipulation
  • Song construction and production
  • Audio Recording
  • Mixing Techniques
Entry Requirements

The Certificate in Music Production is for students aged 18+. We require a whole-hearted commitment to the 10 week course as it is highly intensive and requires passion, dedication and a bit of knowledge.

Fees & Duration

Tuition -  $1,100  Registration Fee - $50

Duration: 10 weeks Start date: 20 January 2020

Deadline for October Start Date - 20 January 2020
Accommodation arrangements can be made based on request

Location: Cotonou & Lagos